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Alaska’s 10 Most Wanted

Invasive plants threaten native plants, wildlife and natural resources. They damage and destroy habitat, cause economic loss and are a major factor in the decline of some plant and animal species. Let’s eliminate them! Read More

Turning $1 into $10

Since 2011, a total of $3.1 million in state appropriations has matched over $32.5 million in federal grants, amounting to a 10:1 ratio of capturing federal dollars and bringing them to the State of Alaska for conservation.

We call that Making it Happen!

Are You a Conservation Crusader? Get Involved!

Want to do something? Learn about programs here from conservation planning and technical and land management assistance to farmers, to invasive plant management and promotion of Alaska Grown products.

Youth Corps forest workers

Forest Management

wildfire threat reduction, reforestation, woodland areas


Sod Farmer


assistance to farmers, landowners, and homeowners

Canadian Geese

Wildlife Habitat

conservation and improvement of wildlife habitats


Oxeye Daisy

Invasive Plants

assistance with invasive plant identificaiton and control

Alaska's Soil and Water Conservation Districts offer and participate in a wide variety of programs that concentrate on responsible use and conservation of our natural resources.

AACD helps to keep regional SWCD's doors open so they can offer programs critical to protecting and improving natural resources.

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Media Inquiries

As the oldest conservation group in Alaska, Alaska Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) provide a unique and nonpolitical view of soil and water conservation issues and needs in Alaska. SWCDs have been providing stewardship of Alaska's lands since before statehood. Many years of expertise in sustainable agriculture, responsible resource use and careful management of our soil and water are represented on SWCD boards and the board of the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts (AACD), as well as great expertise on resource issues by the staff in the various Districts. Consider using these knowledgeable people as contacts and resources as you research news reports on soil and water conservation issues in Alaska.

Many conservation projects by Districts and landowner/managers will be recognized as Alaska LandCare projects. These projects stand up as the latest best management practices and meet all Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) federal standards. Alaska LandCare recognized projects are examples of land and water stewardship work keeping our natural resources in a sustainable balance. Sustainable use of our natural resources is the mission of AACD and the SWCDs of Alaska.

AACD works with the media to highlight these important and innovative natural resource projects.

Detailed information, case studies, photographs, logos and all other information can be obtained by contacting AACD’s administrative specialist Vicki Wehe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 907-373-7923.

For information on the National Association of Conservation Districts, visit

Keeping it Going!

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