Forest Management

Alaska SWCD Forestry

About 100 members of the forest management community and property owners in Southeast Alaska are working together to implement the Healthy Forest Restoration Act and support related efforts to revitalize the timber industry with special emphasis on conserving and developing the natural resources. Management standards will help provide for sustained production of the economic timber to the industry. Partners include Southeast Conference, Alaska Forest Association and various Alaska Native corporations.

Anchorage SWCD Wildfire Fuel Reduction

Since 2000, the Anchorage District has been active in dealing with the wildfire threat to Anchorage. Through the years, the District has accomplished a very successful public education campaign and done on-the-ground projects. The District operates the Anchorage Woodlot, available free to residents. With an average of more than 8,000 trips to the woodlot per year, the District was responsible for over 7,000 acres being treated. The Anchorage District has also perfected the process of creating wood, ASTM-certified playground cover.

Homer Demonstration Forest/Community Forestry

Homer SWCD manages the Homer Demonstration Forest, a heavily used recreational and educational destination for local residence and visitors to the area. Trails are used for recreational and competitive skiing, as well as walking and hiking. Educational signage helps the forest attract visits by teachers with their students. Homer SWCD was responsible for constructing more than 1,000 feet of boardwalk trail to upgrade the central loop. The District also drafted an updated version of the Homer Demonstration Forest Management Plan.


The Salcha-Delta SWCD works with the local volunteer fire department, using GIS technology to map sire hazards for the Firewise Program. Fairbanks SWCD provides assessments to homeowners and private landowners about fire safety of their landscaping and woodlots though a project with DNR.

Woodland Walks

Fairbanks SWCD’s natural resources technician provides assessments of woodlots and makes recommendations for improvements for cooperators and other private landowners in this ongoing program.

Youth Conservation Corps Forest Projects

The Youth Conservation Corps programs conducted by Upper Susitna and Kenny Lake SWCDs and the intern program in Wasilla SWCD included forestry work by the young workers. USSWCD workers planted new species, cleared weeds around young trees, updated an existing map and provided other labor in USSWCD’s Experimental Tree Farm. In Kenny Lake, teen workers thinned the mixed spruce/popular forest at the Kenny Lake fairgrounds to promote forestry health.