Dog Waste Composting Projects

Iditarod champion Martin Buser worked with Wasilla SWCD and students from Midnight Sun Charter School on a pilot project to recycle waste from the dogs from his racing kennel. Wasilla SWCD worked with NRCS staff to design composting modules. Students provided the labor to move the waste into the composting bins, and Buser and the Wasilla SWCD staff monitored the decomposition of the waste, which will be used to fertilize the landscaping at the students’ school. The project is designed to find a cheap and easy way to reduce harmful runoff from dog yards while producing usable fertilizer. Kenai SWCD began a similar project with Jason Mackey’s kennel in late 2006.

Junk Car Removal & Battery Recovery

Kenny Lake SWCD partners with the local NRCS Resource Conservation and Development staff each year to safely dispose of abandoned cars, which are potential sources of groundwater pollution. The scrap metal and batteries are recovered for recycling.