Erosion Control


Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance on Military Lands

Salcha-Delta SWCD works with the US Department of Defense to provide conservation assistance on training areas, including hardening roads and bivouac areas, GIS expertise for planning and layout, preparation and reseeding of slopes and training site, and creation or renovation of wildlife habitat. The program reduces erosion from military traffic and enhances wildlife habitat.

Peters Creek Flooding, Erosion Control and Habitat Enhancement Project

Anchorage SWCD is partnering with residents, community councils, the Municipality of Anchorage, DNR, USACE and others to reduce the erosion in Peters Creek, which is causing flooding and may be inhibiting salmon passage. In 2006, Anchorage SWCD helped prevent flooding by breaking up ice dams that threatened approximately 100 homes and the area’s only bridge.

Watershed Restoration/Erosion Control

With help of students, Wasilla SWCD combines education, watershed restoration and erosion control on a variety of streams in that District. Students help vegetate stream banks to reduce erosion.

Waterway Erosion Control

Kodiak SWCD was involved in two projects that included erosion-control measures. Both the Humpy Creek Watershed program and the Mission Lake Tide Gate project focused on reducing erosion along waterways.