Watershed Stewardship


 Chena Slough Restoration

Begun in 2000, this project by Fairbanks SWCD to address the degradation and restoration of the Chena Slough continued in 2006 with replacement of culverts, slough assessment work and a cleanup project. These were done as a coordinated project with a long list of partners, include state government, local municipalities, volunteers, USFWS, US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Alaska, EPA and DNR.

Anchorage Watershed & Creek Health

Anchorage SWCD is involved in several projects within the municipality, including restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement, water quality enhancement/protection, and flood and erosion control.

Clearwater Watershed

Salcha-Delta SWCD’s involvement in this long-term project continued in 2006 when the District responded to evacuate a homeowner experiencing health problems. After the flooding subsided, the District rented equipment and reopened the access road. Staff also spread and seeded the silt on the adjacent ground. The District and NRCS continue to work to address the access problems caused by frequent flooding.

Wasilla Watershed Stewardship

Education is a primary component of Wasilla SWCD’s watershed program. With funding from US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Lowe’s Toolbox for Teachers, EPA and assistance from volunteers and the Mat-Su School District, the District accomplished restoration projects on Fish and Swiftwater creeks, step pool maintenance at Crocker Creek, culvert mitigation at Coles Road and cleanup at Cottonwood Creek. These projects involved grade school students, interns and volunteers. Projects are designed to reduce erosion, enhance habitat and generally improve the watershed, while educating students about the importance of watershed stewardship.