AACD Supports Vital Conservation Programs

Alaska’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts are grassroots organizations within the framework of the state government that concentrate their resources on responsible use and conservation of our natural resources. This includes a variety of projects involving water resources, land resources and education.

While projects vary from district to district, the goal remains consistent – responsible use of Alaska’s abundant natural resources. That means opening up new farmland near Kenny Lake and protecting bear habitat on Kodiak Island.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts bring a balance to natural resources. The Districts and AACD promote responsible use of all types of resources – whether that means conservation, maintenance or harvest. We look at resource development from all angles – environmental concerns, human needs, economic ramifications, long-term impacts, sustainability, etc.

Use the links below to see how Alaska’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts are responding to their mandate by helping Alaska’s landowners to protect and manage their natural resources.

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